Get the success you want by applying the Global marketing management system


When applying Global Marketing in your company, it is crucial to have very well-defined links of the chains that hang the bridge, which each consumer crosses to reach the other side, and specify their purchase decision process. Identifying consumer habits, behaviors and customs are necessary to know where and in what way your new target is used to seeing the advertising. Otherwise, you would be investing in promotional methods that they would not pay attention to.

The design of your Global Marketing strategy must be proposed in a personalized way, that is, adapted to the target and the context. However, all your strategies must be aligned with the same message. This means that the philosophy you are trying to create in Italy must be the same as in Mexico.

All this is about getting the whole world to taste the same flavor of your brand, only in different presentations. The company may be allowed to adopt certain elements such as labels, packaging, or flavors, in the case of food, to differentiate itself with an exclusive variety for that country. Still, the premise of your brand must remain the same in all countries.

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Now is the time to enter the most delicate point of this whole issue, international operating laws. It is extremely important to properly document the patent laws, registrations, and licenses you need so that your company can operate correctly, according to the area. Above all, it is necessary to maintain a proper connection with international trade organizations. For this reason, the Mini Programs for Marketing are the best choice.

In every process of applying marketing strategies, you always reach the endpoint. After applying your strategies, you must evaluate the results and analyze the next move that your company should carry out. The best feedback you can receive is from your clients. Never think that your company is solved just because it was successful in its country of origin. People's opinions will help you understand what you can improve and the new opportunities to offer them something new.

Thanks for getting to this point, but we still need to get to the digital context, very important for this era where technology is the new black. Having a well-structured brand implies having visibility in digital profiles according to the target and the context with which you want to interact.

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Applying the Global marketing management system, in the same way, it is necessary to consider several factors to correctly apply the entire strategy of expansion of international borders, even in social networks. To begin with, it is good to rule out the presence of social networks in those countries where there will be no physical presence. To establish that tangible participation, digital media will be an important support for that new branch. Some businesses can offer a service and support from a distance through the digital profiles of the original branch.

Another important point is to evaluate which platforms are really strong in the country you will expand. In the same way, the study must consider how they work in that country. For example, in Venezuela, the most powerful platform to promote and interact is Instagram, but it does not work in the same way in European countries. Evaluating how to project yourself on trendy platforms in that country logically is an opportunity to become visible, as long as it does not represent a bad investment of time and resources.

To carry out a global marketing strategy in several branches simultaneously, it is important to keep it as an important note that the message must be unique for each country since it must be adapted to the reality of this country. The content must be unique for the population, remembering the local language, schedules, tastes, and needs.