Some essential terms of the cryptocurrency industry!


Cryptocurrencies are one of the booming subjects of the marketplace. The cryptocurrency market valuation is 2.5 trillion dollars, and bitcoin contributes half of this market cap. Therefore, many cryptocurrencies expect bitcoin, just like ethereum, Binance, and lite.

 Lite coin is a lite version of bitcoin.  The creator of the lite coin created a much faster version of bitcoin by increasing the transaction speed. The altcoin trading platform industry is associated with a few terms that one must know before investing any amount in it. To know how to invest in cryptocurrency, you can read several blog posts and watch YouTube tutorials. So let's look at these essential terms about the cryptocurrency industry.


Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency, and it was the foremost cryptocurrency that entered the mainstream marketplace. Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin developer, created bitcoin as an alternate payment method. Since bitcoin contribute a gigantic extent to the cryptocurrency marketable, it is an essential term associated with the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin works on the proof of work and blockchain technology. The developer of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is entirely unknown. Still, according to some robust sources, Satoshi Nakamoto is the most significant bitcoin whale ever to be existing as he holds 1 million bitcoin units in his wallet. The current market valuation of bitcoin is $57000, and recently it touched an all-time high.


Blockchain is the most prominent technology of cryptocurrencies that makes it better than any virtual coin. To know more about investing in cryptocurrency, you can visit different websites. Blockchain is just like a public distributed database, and it underlies the technology of distributed ledger technology.

Since blockchain is a database, it stores information regarding cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain of cryptocurrencies has different sizes as it varies with the size of blocks in each blockchain.


Miner is also known as validators. These validators secure the transactions and mitigate the risks of double-spending. Double spending refers to the action of sending one bitcoin unit to two wallet addresses at the very same time. Miners have to validate the transactions of cryptocurrencies to avail the block reward. Furthermore, each miner has to compete with another miner to solve the math puzzle in the first place if the cryptocurrency works on proof of work.

Some of the cryptocurrencies that work on proof include bitcoin and ethereum. To avail of the block reward, miners also have to buy robust computing capital as you cannot compete with miners having mining machines with your general computer. Miners maintain the entire chain of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as these miners validate the transactions and maintain the supply.

Block reward

Block reward is the amount of cryptocurrency that a miner gets after solving the math puzzle in a given time. Block reward of every cryptocurrency mining ecosystem is different. For example, the bitcoin complex rewards its miner with a block reward of 6.25 units alongside the transaction cost. If you don’t have money to invest in bitcoin mining, you can check how to invest in cryptocurrency on various exchanges. Bitcoin miners have to solve the math puzzle merely in 10 minutes. The block reward of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin gets halved after a specific period, and it is known as cryptocurrency halving; this increases the scarcity of coins.

These are some essential terms related to the cryptocurrency industry.